Welcome in the forthcoming conference section

TTS is pleased to invite you to the following events

  • EU citizens fighting in Syria and Iraq: Numbers and the threat posed
  • Ebola outbreak response
  • Prevention, Preparedness and Consequence Management of Terrorism and Other Security Related Risks
  • EU Immigration Policy 
  • Espionage Doctrine
  • Shaping our Future – Global Governance

TTS is a non-profit Italian organization, a think tank based in Rome.

TTS has long recognized that a lively program of conferences and workshops is essential to maintaining a dynamic knowledge atmosphere by regularly exposing our Fellows to ideas worth spreading.

TTS  is explicitly designed to handle a wide range of issues and welcome proposals from individuals or groups of specialists and scientists interested in organizing and presenting a workshop or conference  in the areas of Security, Intelligence, Defense, Environment, Energy, Finance, Economic Governance, Global Trends and Issues, Water,  Health, Technology, Science, Innovation and Values.

TTS started out in 2010 as a conference on “Space, Climate Change and Security”, bringing together people from three worlds: Defence, Research and Politics. Since then its scope has become ever broader.

Our mission is spreading ideas. We believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, our societal behaviours. So we’re setting up a clearinghouse that offers free knowledge.

TTS believes all of knowledge is connected and intricately interconnected as a whole.